Top Dental Assistant Schools in Washington

Do you want a school that offers on the job training and helps you with your resume and job searches later? Though you might think that you receive the same level of help from all schools, most students find that they get more help when they attend an accredited school. Accredited schools exist all across the state. If you aren’t sure if the school that interests you has accreditation, you should ask the school for proof of its accreditation.

associate degree in dental hygieneDental Assistant Schools in Washington

Before you look at the classes that different programs offer, you should consider whether you want a program that awards you a certificate or a degree. Certification programs let you start your future career quickly. You usually complete your training in a 10-week session or within six months. While this might sound great, you need to consider your future earnings. Those with degrees often find salaried positions that come with health insurance and other benefits, while those with certificates usually work jobs that come with an hourly salary and fewer benefits.

Salaries for Dental Care Assistants in Washington

When choosing a career, you should choose something that interests you and lets you earn money at the same time. Dental care assistants often make less than dental hygienists do, because hygienists spend more time in school and have a more specialized set of skills. As a dental care assistant working in Washington, you will make an average salary of $18 an hour or around $34,000 to $35,000 a year. Though this is the average salary, you should know that you will make less in your first job. Entry level positions usually pay a few less dollars an hour, but you can also earn more than the average amount reported.

The Washington State Dental Association is responsible for the accreditation of different dental schools in the state. The WSDA regularly checks those programs and the degrees the school offer to ensure that the classes prepare students to work as a dental assistant and that students can take any necessary examinations. The schools accredited by the WSDA are:
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