Top Dental Assistant Schools in Fresno

The difference between an accredited school and a school without accredited is like the difference between seeing a licensed doctor and one who just went to medical school. Accredited schools must follow specific requirements outlined by the accrediting body, and that body will check on that school every year to ensure it follow those requirements. These schools in Fresno and throughout California also provide you with the training that you need in the future, which can help you when it comes to landing the job of your dreams.

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dental assisting schoolsDental Assistant Schools in Fresno, California

When it comes to dental hygiene education in Fresno, you have two options: certification or a degree program. Both programs have some advantages and disadvantages. With a certification program, you can typically take classes later at night or on the weekends, and you receive a certificate when you complete the program. Degree programs take longer to complete, and you typically need to take regular classes in the middle of the day, but you’ll receive a degree when you finish the two-year program. Some Fresno dentists prefer those with a degree to those with a certificate, because the degree shows that you can handle other jobs around the office.

Salaries for Dental Assistants in Fresno, California

One of the first questions that students ask before undergoing their training is how much money they can make working in the field. Fresno dental aid or assistants make as little as $27,000 a year or as much as $42,000 a year. The amount that you’ll make often depends on whether you finished a degree or a certificate program and how much experience you have. The median salary of dental care assistants working in Fresno is nearly $35,000 a year.

List of Dental Assistant Programs in California

Schools that offer degrees and certificates in dental assisting in the Fresno area include:

San Joaquin Valley College
Galen College

If you want to move to a new city to attend college or complete a program, you have even more options. Foothill Community College, KAPLAN College, Modesto Junior College, Pasadena City College and San Diego Mesa College all offer similar programs. Other colleges that offer these programs in California include:

UEI College
Blake Austin College
Carrington College California
City College of San Francisco
Citrus College
College of Martin
Everest College
Heald College
Hesperia Alternative Center ROP 
Monterey Peninsula College

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