The Steps to Passing a Dental Assistant Certification Test

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Dental assistants perform administrative duties and provide patient care in dental offices. They must become certified to receive better job opportunities. They have to study for the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) exam. All recent dental assistant graduates should know the best ways to earn a certification.

Qualifying for a Dental Assistant Certification Exam

To consider taking a certification exam, meet a few qualifications first. Enroll in an accredited dental assisting program at a community school or vocational school. Associate’s and bachelor’s degrees are usually not required, but having a basic certification is required.

Take classes that prepare you for the various duties of dental assisting. You must answer the patients’ questions in person and over the phone. You have to inspect and sterilize the dental instruments for the patients’ safety. During the operations, hand the tools to the dentist. Some assistants have to take X-rays or impressions of the patients’ teeth. Overall, dental assistants are always on their feet and working independently from the dentists.

Reviewing for the Exam

Becoming a Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) involves finishing an accredited program and taking the exam provided by the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB). If you do not have the schooling, you can take the exam if you have approximately 3,500 hours of experience. The CDA exam tests your knowledge on three main subjects. One section tests your knowledge about X-ray and radiation equipment. Also, you must know about sanitation and infection control techniques that prevent the spread of disease. Then, there is a section that covers basic and advanced dental assisting duties.

The Benefits of a Certification

The benefits of earning a certification cannot be ignored by potential dental assistants. People in society are never expected to stop getting sick, so these assistants will always be needed. However, even with all of your education, you are not guaranteed to get a job until you become certified. Certification is not mandatory, but it is favored by many employers. Advancing into a higher-level position requires more education and experience.

There are many schools that provide dental assistant programs. The job opportunities will always be widely available to new graduates. As an assistant, you will never have problems getting employed. First, know the full process of becoming a certified dental assistant. You have to prepare for the certification exam and pass it to access countless job opportunities.

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