Dental Assistant Certification Online

Dental Assistant Certification Online

While there are a variety of personally and professionally profitable careers that an individual could pursue, deciding to become a dental assistant can bring with it a variety of valuable benefits. Some of these benefits include being able to contribute to public health while also working within a field that offers opportunities for upward mobility. If you are interested in becoming a dental assistant, you should know that there are several schools which now offer students the ability to take classes online. These online dental assistant programs can provide students with the training and certification they need to become marketable candidates on the job market. By learning more about these online dental assistant programs and the degrees that can be earned through them, you can make an informed decision regarding whether learning online is the right vocational path for you.

Dental Assistants-The Basics

A dental assistant is an individual who helps facilitate the functioning of a dental office. Although roles and responsibilities vary, the dental assistant is generally responsible for preparing the treatment room for the patient, providing pertinent dental care information to employees and patients, and sterilizing and delivering instruments to the designated treatment area. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a dental assistant is currently $34,500 per year or $16.59 per hour.

Dental Assistant Certification Online

Although broadly defined, online dental assistant schools are basically educational centers that offer students courses that are taken via internet as opposed to in the traditional classroom setting. In addition to being referred to as online learning, this educational method is also frequently called “distance learning.” Although each online dental assistant school will differ with respect to things such as tuition, courses, and teaching methodology, considering a school such as the U.S. Career Institute’s Online Dental Assistant Program can help you gain a basic understanding of how this educational style works. With the aforementioned dental program, students are afforded the opportunity to learn about various aspects of the dental industry, including front-office procedures such as scheduling and billing as well as back-office procedures like cleanings and preppings for patient surgery. One benefit of the online dental assistant program offered by the U.S. Career Institute is that the classes can be completed in as little as four months.

Online Dental Schools-Things To Consider

If you are thinking about preparing to work as a dental assistant by taking online classes, there are several things you should consider before making your final decision. First, you should recognize that studying online can be much more convenient than operating within the traditional world of learning. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that you do not have a fixed schedule of classes that must be attended at a given time. Instead, you can study whenever it is convenient for you, making it easier for individuals with jobs and families to fulfill all of their obligations while simultaneously earning the education they need to excel in their chosen career.
In addition to considering the scheduling flexibility that results from online learning, you should also think about the growing credibility of online degrees and certifications. In the past, many employers viewed the world of online learning with great skepticism. Yet studies are now indicating that many of these employers now believe online degrees are just as credible as traditional degrees. Additionally, research studies indicate that there is no significant difference between a student’s ability to learn in a traditional classroom and via the online setting.


If you are thinking about pursuing a career as a dental assistant, you should know that doing so can bring economic benefits as well as personal satisfaction. By considering the information listed above, you can make an informed decision regarding whether preparing for your chosen career via online classes would be appropriate and advantageous for you. Good luck!
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