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Becoming a certified dental helper, or a CDA, is a great way to get started in the dental field. There are many degrees and certifications out there, but this is the most common one for dental assistants to get. There are many opportunities for jobs in this field, and the pay isn’t bad either.

The first thing someone wanting to try this career out should do, is work on getting certified. To become a qualified dental assistant, you need to have been trained at an accredited training facility. It would be almost pointless to be trained at a non-accredited school. After training is complete, you will need to pass at least one examination. Of course, specific regulations vary by state. Check online to see exactly what you need to do to get started with your new career.

Certified Dental Assistant -How long does it take?

Become a CDA is quite a journey. The longest part of the process will be the training classes that you will need to take. These programs also must be accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation. Remember this when you’re looking at schools. Certification programs vary in length from about 9 months up to about a year. Scheduling the exams that you need to pass will also take a little bit of time. From start to finish, someone could realistically become a certified dental aide in under a year.


Once you receive your certification as a dental assistant, you can start working. This is where the life experiences and money come in. The average salary for a certified dental assistant is about $18 an hour. Of course, this amount will vary based on experience. A qualified dental aide may also make more money in certain markets. For example, a dental assistant in Boston will likely make more money than one with the same experience working in Phoenix.

The best part about being certified as a dental assistant is getting to do what you love. There is a lot more to this career than just money. Dental assistants work closely with the dentist and with patients. They learn a lot about dentistry, while making the visit as easy on the patients as possible. It also doesn’t hurt that a CDA is one of the fastest and easiest certifications to get, but it also comes with a decent salary.

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