Certified Dental Assistant Salary Trend

A dental assistant may provide patients with a wide range of services, and this includes help with basic hygiene and cleaning as well as assisting the dentist with more in depth procedures. This type of professional may be hired by a dental office with or without a certification, and you may be wondering what is the certified dental assistant salary and what factors influence the rate of pay. The average salary for professionals with their certification in the United States is approximately $35,080, but the salary for full-time individuals ranges from $23,550 to $47,580. By understanding more about the factors that influence compensation, you can make an informed decision about pursuing certification in this area.

The Location of the Position

Certified dental assistant salary is generally higher for professionals who work in a metropolitan area. Some metropolitan areas have higher average salaries than others. For example, individuals who live in areas like Haverhill, Nashua or San Francisco have the highest earning potential with their certification. Generally, those who work in rural or outlying areas may earn the lowest salary.

The Value of the Certification

Because you can work as a dental assistant in some offices without a certification, it is important to compare the salary of a certified professional versus a non-certified professional. The average hourly compensation of a certified professional is approximately $2.01 more per hour than the compensation of a non-certified professional. This equates to an increase in compensation of more than 10 percent. Furthermore, some offices will only hire certified professionals, so it may be easier to obtain a position if you do have a certification.

The Work Environment

Most certified dental assistants work in a traditional office environment, and most dental offices are open during traditional business hours Monday through Friday. Some offices, however, have extended evening and weekend hours, and these types of environments may provide you with a higher overall level of compensation. In addition, if you work in a specialist’s office, you may also earn a higher overall level of income.

Many professionals love to help others achieve a brighter, healthier smiler through their efforts, and you can earn a respectable certified dental assistant salary if you choose to pursue your certification and obtain a position in this field. Take time to consider the benefits of a certification more closely, and you may discover that this is the right move to make for your career.